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Hello Edina Teachers,
This is a blogging site where I have been collecting exapmles of Blogs used by teachers in Edina Public Schools. Look at the Blog Roll list on the right hand side of the blog. Visit some of the sites to see how Edina teachers are using Blogs with their class, parents, and other teachers.

I would love to add your blog to the list on the right hand side of this Blog so please let me know the address.

Also, please comment on the questions posted on this blog to connect with others.
Best of luck...I am here to help!
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Question to Comment On:
In what way are you thinking of using a Blog in your classroom?


Mme Powell said...

Yahoo! I am excited to get started with my students. I set up a blog on Tuesday afternoon after being inspired by the morning presentation. I plan to use my blog to get students accustomed to using it and then have them create their own. These will become their "writers' notebooks" where they will craft weekly responses to prompts.

Mrs. P said...

I am planning to use mine to get kids excited about books. I hope it can start conversations about reading and literature. I hope the kids take the bait! :)

lisa h said...

I've been thinking of using it to give peer feedback about writing. Hopefully parents will get involved too.

Miss Buckley said...

I have a blog set up ( and am planning to start using it with just one of my Language Arts classes. I have started with a poll and tomorrow I am going to ask for comments. Ultimately, I will ask students to create their own blogs and practice writing and responding to information cover3ed in class.

Holly said...

I have set up a blog for my writers' workshop. My plan is to pilot it with parents first and then introduce it to the students as a means to publish their writing. My hope is that students will get feedback from one another through the blog, gain a wider audience (perhaps other teachers and their parents) and have a greater motivation to write well. Check it out at:

Holly said...

What do you guys think is the best way for students to post their writing? Should I post it and then tell who authored it (first name only of course)? or is there a way for each student to have a blog that is linked to the main writers workshop blog? Any ideas for a first step on this? I am a bit afraid of setting up a blog for each student (elementary 3-5 graders). Thoughts?

Laurie said...
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